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What Will My Valuation Cost?

The cost of your valuation is not based on a percentage of the item's value as is common practice with some  jewellers. We believe it much fairer to use a fixed pricing system so you are not penalised by the value of your jewellery.

Our straight forward fixed fees are listed below so you’ll know how much the service costs before you agree to it.  You will be given a free no-obligation quote before

any assessment takes place allowing you to make an informed choice. 

ring valuation


Your jewellery will be assessed and photographed in the comfort of your own home. We then take all of the information gathered and produce your full valuation schedule. Your schedule of valuation will contain; Transmittal letter, detailing any recommendations. A full and detailed description of the item(s) presented for valuation to include measurements, metal fineness, method of manufacture and all identifying features and hallmarks. Diamond and gemstone assessments including cut, clarity, colour & carat. High resolution digital photographs of your item(s). Notes to the schedule. Glossary of terms.

Diamond  Ring valuation


These may include jewellery with single stone gemstones and diamonds over 1ct in weight, unusual antique items, or multi-stone set pieces. We charge a higher fee for premium items due to the additional time required to assess and research each piece.

Jewellery valuation


Digital report (one time fee per valuation)   £55 Printed report (one time fee per valuation   £55 Standard items- gold/diamond/gem set     £60 each. Premium items-   £90 each      PROBATES: Please enquire for prices



Pricing is on a case to case basis and is at a reduced rate from standard insurance valuations. The quote will be based on quantity of items and location for travel. For probate pricing please enquire.

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